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Connecting Wires:

Allied manufactures a very wide range of hook-up wires, connecting wires, panel wires etc. These form the backbone of any electronic or electrical assembly. These wires are made from pure electrolytic copper and high IR value long life PVC compound.

We have been manufacturing these for last 40-45 years, and it is our experience that very often the manufacturers of electronic / electric appliances overlook the importance of using proper size of wires. Just matching the current rating is not enough, one has to also see the soldering process, as sometimes in manual soldering there is likely hood of insulation getting damaged, so we must have a higher insulation thickness, or sometimes the insulation removal at the soldering end is such that it damages the conductor, so a thicker conductor is needed. And so on.

It is also our experience that to cut costs the conductor wires are rarely bunched. Un-bunched conductors are less reliable and fail under critical applications. Allied’s entire range is bunched and for more stringent applications we offer stranded conductors.


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