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Allied Agencies was founded in 40s as a specialised gold wire drawing unit. Pure gold was drawn into very fine wires which were used for embroidery. As gold became expensive, it was substituted by silver and as silver became expensive it was substituted by gold or silver plated copper wire. In late 40s and early 50s as India became independent focus shifted to self reliance, we found it more attractive to shift the expertise of wire drawing to making electrical wires and cables.

First unit was started in the walled city in the ancestral family property with a modest 1" PVC extdruder for manufacturing flexible wires, along with several braiding machines from "occupied Japan" for making braided cords for pyjamas and shoe laces.

In late 50s our founder was impressed with the vision of our Prime Minister Pt Jawaharlal Nehru who saw the future of India in small scale industries spread all over the country, catering to the local needs and providing employment to the teaming millions of the independent India. Pt. Nehru had germinated an idea of developing a pilot small scale industrial estate in the outskirts of Delhi at that time known as Okhla Industrail Estate. It was the first of its kind and was set up as bench mark to be replicated in other states. Our founder were among the first few to share this dream and set up a new unit which was personaly inaugurated by Pt Jawaharlal Nehru, the Prime Minister of independent India in 1958.

Our emphasis has always been on relevant technology and appropriate technology. We have been continously developing our own machines as per our unique requirements. Inumerable foreign delega tions have visited our unit at the Okhla Indusatrial Estate, incuding Honl. Nasser - President of Egypt and have commented that Allied's was the technology that was relevant to the third world and developing countries as it was simple, easy to follow and yet delivered what the sophisticated western did at a fraction of the cost.

Allied exported a complete PVC cable manufacturing Plant to Zanzibar, Tanzania in 1975 and another to Nigeria in 1982. Both the plant were supplied on turn key basis and haved been operating and creating employment and wealth for thr host countries.

From the flexible cables in 60s, Allied branched out into manufacturing specialised products, with the second generation family members joining the management. Several new cables were developed and supplied to Indian Space Research Organisation, Electronics Corporation of India Ltd, Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. etc to name a few. As the TV industry became a dominant player, a wide range of hook up wires was developed and Allied was a major supplier to ECIL, BPL, KELTRON, UPTRON, RIICO, HPMIDC etc. We were among the first ones to manufacture 5C-2V and RG-6 coaxia cable for the Cable TV applications in early 80s.

As computers became popular, Allied developed key-board cables, monitor cables, power cables, printer cables etc. duting the 90s along with many networking cables tailored to end use requirement.

Today, Allied offers an extremely wide range of specialised cables for the electronics, electrical and instumentation industry in India and many other high tech prodcucts. Our clients include Indian Air Force, Indian Navy, many R&D Organisations, and sophisticated instrument manufacturers. In case you have a complicated cable requirement, which no other cable manufacturer is willing to supply, try us out, chances are we will be able to match your requirement.


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